Saturday, 28 April 2018

Crash Bang! What a picture...

The geophysics results (blue line is a water trough)

Well done to the Stalbridge geophysics team for getting such clear result on the manor house, especially as the weather was not too good on the exposed site. Internal features look clear too, so we hope to establish the internal layout as well. Hopefully we will have some nice finds. A bonus would be to find an earlier house on the site, or record any rebuilding, for the record.   

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

No stalling at Stalbridge

The geophysics at Stalbridge turned up some very good results, which will be shown here very soon, despite the bad weather last weekend. Well done to all the volunteers for this sterling work. Putting the manor house back on the map will soon be commencing and who knows what else may be found. 

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Milton Abbas

Chris went to give a talk to the Milton Abbas history soc. last night telling members about the projects we have done and projects coming up. The society are very keen to work with DDCAG to unearth their village's past. One exciting idea is already being researched, so we will let you know.

BBC in the southwest are doing a series of programmes on village history and Milton Abbas is one of them. They were there last night to film the meeting and they are going to film throughout the summer as the society does its work, which will include DDCAG if we can get a project up and running! The programmes will go out in the autumn with the Flying Archaeologist guy presenting.

The producer also stated that they would be interested in our work too, in relation to filming our projects at Stalbridge and Symondsbury, with permissions from landowners.    

Monday, 5 March 2018

Building (Stal) bridges

The committee had a meeting with the Stalbridge History Society to co-ordinate the project at the 17th c. manor house in Stalbridge Park, demolished in the 1820s. We are going to begin geophysics surveys very soon to locate the exact position of the foundations and then dig some test pits to see what survives. It is possible that an older house may have left its mark on the same site.

On a cold and windy day, but with bright sunshine, we visited the site with its wide views. Good access and parking will make life easier.

SHS are a group of local people looking to find and record as much of their village history as possible and we have been asked to help them with the archaeology aspect.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Dating, but not blind

Wessex Archaeology's Loraine Mepham kindly dated our finds from Trench 1, Yenston yesterday and they show plenty of activity in the area during the medieval period.

This material was from the spoilheap and consists of 11th century Blackdown Hills ware, 13th-15th century West Dorset and Verwood wares and Late Medieval sandy coarse wares, plus a piece of BBW. 
This small fragment of Roman mortarius is of a type from Oxfordshire and also turned up in the spoil along with the 18th century finger decorated pot below. 

This material came from a linear feature [015] fill (016) and is medieval coarse wares of the 12th-13th centuries and made locally.   

In the topsoil 11th-12th-13th century coarse wares were found along with post-medieval material. 

These bones could be pigeon or dove. Medieval priories commonly kept doves.

So all in all, the material in and around this field indicates medieval activity that could be due to the priory being nearby, so we shall continue to look for the buildings.  

Saturday, 3 February 2018

AGM 2018

At the AGM Chris gave a revue of the work carried out in 2017. Our current account is healthy so we will have the pottery from Yenston looked at and dated by the expert at Wessex Archaeology. We have a couple of new committee members! Projects for 2018 are: carry on looking for The Priory at Yenston; geophiz the mansion house site for Stalbridge History Soc. and look to begin excavating in the Spring; have a place at Wimborne History Festival with 'Doug' etc.; begin to look at projects on the Symondsbury Estate, Bridport; do research at the Dorset History Centre; share events and outings in partnership with other archaeology and history groups. Lots to do in 2018.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

New member - Doug

This is our new member, Doug. He will be helping us to educate older children and young adults in the complexities and reasons for excavating grave sites as well as the differing rituals that have taken place at different periods of our island story.